About the Company - Trustpoint Insurance
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About the Company

We work for YOU, the client!

Trustpoint Insurance

At Trustpoint Insurance and Financial Services, our focus is solely on the client and what best fits their needs.  Our expertise is in people, and caring about people. Legislation has made many changes in the way we view our insurance needs and how we choose to use our insurance – specifically health insurance.  On staff we have a Licensed Consultant and Brokers who advise both employers and individuals in the ever changing world of health insurance, life insurance and other ancillary types of products. Education, awareness and compliance is essential. We provide options and recommendations for our clients in a no nonsense, easy to understand method.


With years of experience insuring local individuals, families, and businesses, Trustpoint Insurance knows the importance of understanding the unique concerns of each customer.   Before we suggest a coverage plan, we always take the time to fully review your concerns, circumstances, and budget.


Trustpoint Insurance is able to offer policies from multiple insurance carriers, and can promise a wider range of coverage options with competitive pricing. Understanding that your needs may change, we are always happy to revisit your coverage making sure it’s still relevant and cost effective.


We offer our clients excellent customer service and are proud to be on the cutting edge of a constantly changing world!