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Don’t Seize Your Engine–Your Guide to Preventive Health Benefits

Don’t Seize Your Engine–Your Guide to Preventive Health Benefits

We are already into the second month of 2019! Now a month into your 2019 health insurance plan are you taking advantage of the benefits? Let’s talk a little bit about the preventive health benefits that are available to you.

There are so many aspects in life that require regular preventive maintenance. For example, a car requires regular oil and filter changes to ensure the engine is running at optimum performance. If the engine oil was never checked or changed in a car, the car would most likely burn all of the oil. Without oil the engine in the car would seize. Yikes! This could cost at a minimum thousands of dollars to having to buy a whole new engine or car.

Imagine, with just a little bit of time, this extremely costly event could have been totally prevented.

The human body is no exception to the rule of preventive maintenance. Checking your blood pressure regularly can prevent strokes or heart attacks. Getting mammograms and colonoscopies after a certain age can detect cancer, potentially saving lives.

As a part of the ACA, health insurance plans are required to offer preventive health benefits at no cost to you.


Here are just a few examples of the benefits available:

·       Cancer screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies

·       Blood pressure and cholesterol screenings

·       Immunization vaccines for adults and children as recommended by the CDC

·       Counseling help if you are trying to quit smoking, reduce your alcohol consumption, eat healthier or lose weight

·       Regular well-baby, well-child and well-women visits

·       If you are pregnant: folic acid supplements, gestational diabetes screening and breastfeeding support

·       Pap smear every 3 years for women 21 to 65

·       Behavioral assessments, autism screening and developmental screenings for kids

·       Tuberculin testing for those at high risk of tuberculosis



Remember, whenever scheduling any preventive services make sure tell your doctor that you want the preventive service. This allows the doctor’s office to code the visit as a preventive visit, ensuring the insurance company knows it wasn’t a regular visit.

Also, always check with your health plan before getting any preventive care done. The list of preventive care benefits is specific to certain age groups, sexes, if you are considered high-risk for the screening and the time since the last screening. These preventive measures are not across the board for everyone, just like every car has different maintenance requirements, every human does too. Before assuming the screening will be covered, always be safe and call first.

So, get out there and get the regular maintenance for your body! You will be healthier, happier and it doesn’t cost anything but your time.





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